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5 Tips for Planning a Must-Attend Private Event

Every event planner and meeting host wants good participation at their events, whether they’re hosting a corporate luncheon, wedding rehearsal, business meeting or birthday party. So what steps can you take during the meeting planning phase to organize a must-attend event? Carla Randau, director of special events at SAVOUR Hospitality and a 20-year event-planning veteran, offers her expertise and the following tips for planning a must-attend event:

1. Plan Early

It’s never too early to start planning - for many reasons. Planning ahead ensures you get the best date, which is not only the date that you most desire, but also a specific date that’s not in conflict with other goings-on (Election Day, a sporting event, etc.). Waiting too long to plan could cause you to lose out on preferred vendors like a florist, deejay, or equipment rental supplier. Planning ahead ensures you get your location and have time for theme preparations.

2. Select an Accessible & Attractive Location

“Location” is a term often associated with house-hunting rather than event-planning, but people don’t realize that the event location may be more important than the theme itself! Aside from wanting a both charismatic and functional event space in a well-liked location, your audience should be of utmost consideration when selecting event space. Where are your guests coming from? How will they get to your event? Where will they park? Will they need overnight accommodations? A venue that’s easy to access from anywhere in the city is always a safe bet.

3. Choose an Enticing Menu and Don't Skimp

Serving a tasty and enticing menu is perhaps the most important element to a well-attended private event. Whatever the budget, serving a delicious, beautifully plated meal, with options that cater to several different tastes will always make your event more memorable, and will contribute to good attendance.

4. Send Informative Invitations, and Follow Up

An invitation is the first impression of your event a guest receives, and it’s vital in forecasting your hopes for the outcome. Providing clear and concise data regarding the location, timing, where to park and even what to wear will give your guests a positive first glance at what to expect at the occasion. Whether it’s an elegant wedding invitation or a colorful birthday invite, this can be a creative and informational way to heighten guests positive expectations around attending.

5. Work with a Trusted & Experienced Event Planner

We all want to throw the best party - the party that guests buzz about for years to come! But an event of any size takes detailed, skilled planning, and in many ways expertise. A skilled event planner helps guide you to the perfect location, helps plan a delicious and alluring menu, recommends the best vendors, and creates invitations that draw good attendance. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance! An organized, efficient event planner can help make the vision of your perfect event a reality, ensuring good attendance along the way.

Speaking of events, holiday party slots are already filling up at SAVOUR Hospitality venues, LockKeepers, St. Clair Ballroom, Il Venetian, and Marble Room. Contact Carla today to get started planning your can’t-miss event; we can’t wait to assist you! Please contact with inquiries or for more information on private parties.


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