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5 Reasons to Host Holiday Parties in January

Savvy party planners are throwing company and holiday parties in January instead of December for some pretty convincing reasons. From better guest availability to cost savings, here’s why January holiday parties are surging in popularity.

  1. Event-planning is made easier when your desired dates, times and venues are available. November and December calendars are already overscheduled. Guests, speakers, vendors and entertainers have more availability in January. “Keep in mind you don’t want to wait until January to book, however,” according to SAVOUR Hospitality Director of Sales, Carla Randau. “As an event planner, I see companies booking smarter (and earlier). January is starting to become more popular as an alternative to December.”

  2. “Holiday parties in January and February are the new trend! This allows our clients to seek the perfect date with fewer competing events or family holiday obligations to plan around. You can use it as an opportunity to recognize the previous year's successes while promoting the goals for the new year," says Andi Needham, Director of Sales & Marketing at the Cleveland Marriott at Key Tower. "It becomes a holiday launch party in that regard!"

  3. According to Carly Petty, Event Sales Manager, Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar, "I receive so many comments from employee attendees that actually appreciate the care and concern that bosses show by considering the employee's family time above the company. Having the party in January is respectful to the employees personal commitments in December."

  4. “Avoid the stress and anxiety of trying to cram your holiday party into the first weeks of December before people have scheduled travel and offices are closed. Let's face it, January in Cleveland can be depressing without something to look forward to," says Malisse Sinito, President of SAVOUR Hospitality.

  5. After the holiday cheer has passed, a January party is an opportunity for spirit-building and hence team-building. “We have our company party in January and are seeing an increase in other companies following suit,” says John Bibbo, President and CEO of Event Source, a leading party supply rental company.

SAVOUR restaurants are wholly prepared to host your holiday party! Contact Private Dining with questions or to book an event now: 216-372-2543 or

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